Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New job

Quit my old job in a web hosting company and joined a new one. I must say i like this job very much, at least for now.

My goal here is to achieve high search engine rankings for the company website. A couple of link building here and there. Still lots to learn for me about SEO.

On a separate note, I will be going to the World Internet Summit in Singapore on the 26th of May. Alot of great internet 'gurus' will be speaking and I am excited to see what it is all about.

No new projects for me regarding internet marketing. Maybe I will get a better idea of it after the summit.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Back to work

Took a spontaneous leave from work yesterday. Lazed at home checking out I.M stuff but didnt get much work done. Still no money from clickbank. I dont really know how to start with no money. Waiting for my 3 articles to get approved on Ezine to see if they can convert.

Gotta find a new job by the end of this month :/

Friday, March 30, 2007

Internet Marketing

So I finally decided to start blogging again but this time regarding my success/failures of Internet Marketing.

I made a product and put a site together about 1 month ago at However so far I have only gotten one sale. Bad huh :p

After learning more about IM I realised that I totally chose the wrong product to market. In my opinion, it just wasnt niche enough. Trying to SEO against SEO pros is a nightmare! What sucks is that my budget is tight so I cant be spending on latest softwares and guides and stuff.

I am currently trying out Bum marketing and we shall see how that goes. Basically its just writing articles and then diverting them to an affiliate site. I got about 2 articles up so far which redirects to some squidoo lenses. No luck so far. But looking back at them, I sorta of know why they dont work. These are the links

Again I think i chose the wrong keywords and wrong product to sell. Damn its not easy. But I was just testing them out. Seeing what works and what doesn't. I outsourced an article to some freelancer about restaurants. Will try to see whether that works out.

Really eager to get my first affiliate sale. When will it come!

Update soon

Monday, March 26, 2007

Adwords 180 Review

I have been using Google Adwords for about a year and I can say that I know quite abit about it. I managed my company's campaign so I would constantly read new materials on the latest method to further expand my knowledge on Adwords.

The funny thing is that when I came across Adwords180 I didn't immediate jump at the chance to buy it. Why you ask? I feel that here I am about a year in from my first Adwords experience and there is an e-book claiming he knows something "new" and "special"

You could say I was shocked, curious, and hesitant at the same time. I spent about a week scouring the net for any other information on Adwords180. Various well known forums sang praises to this product and I became more and more curious.

What else could there be in Adwords that can be as revolutionary as the writer claims, and yet all those who have read it agreed with him? So I bought Adwords180 after much contemplation to see what the hype is all about.

It has indeed lived up to its claims. Claims which I felt were so out of the world that it just could not be true! Let me just list a couple of them

- Getting CPC's for less than the minimum $0.01 set by Google

- Converting cheap traffic into high converting ones.

- Convincing you that 5% CTR is bad and with this system you can achieve 10% or even 25%!

These are the 3 major claims and true enough the information inside blew my mind away. Who would have even thought that it was possible? I felt so excited with this new knowledge that I immediately went to set up a new Adwords campaign based on this system. It feels good to know that not many people are using this method as of yet and I wished I knew about it years ago.

I have no doubts about this method because the core principle is not exactly new. It is basically using the content network and site targeting with a whole new twist. Therefore, this isn't some kind of elaborate scam or "black hat" tactics, which i respect the author of thinking outside of the box.

I have seen tremendous results for my own personal campaign, which is kinda funny because looking back at it, I ALMOST didn't want to buy the book.

My view of Awords has definitely taken a 180 degree change and it is all for the better. This is DEFINITELY the guide to read to go on to the next level.

For full details of Adwords180 go to

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Thursday, March 22, 2007


After 3 dead years I think I am finally going to revive this blog. But this time its gonna be different I guess. Plenty of potentials with blogs these days and I am gonna see if anything works!


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Hi all..

This blog is almost dead. Luckily, there's a saviour.. which is ME!

I have a lazy boyfriend that doesn't bother to blog!

Anyways, Ben is still alive, just that is almost dead!! haha..

I'm bored, forgive me for my stupidness..

BEN chin, faster update if u don't want me to continue doing this to ur blog :p

teee heee.. Love ya, baby! Mwahk mwahk mwahk..

Monday, July 05, 2004

hey all.

ive been back for two weeks and things are really not good at home. on the outside it seems okay i guess, but on the inside theres alot of emptiness and greif. i wont say its because of my moms death. its actually old issues that has never been solved. plus a whole lot of inner conflict.

the maid ran away just before i got back. so my grandma is suffering cause she does alot of work.truth is she has been suffering in silence for the past 20 years and funnily enough, she finds me to be her outlet. so yeah, i listen to her go on about the family, my mom, my dad and a whole lot of issues.

to add to that, after 7months of seeing each other everyday, i had to depart from my baby for 3 whole months. i always hear this but its nothing compared to experience it. on the night when she left it seemed like eternity for the next day to come. i couldnt sleep. i miss her smell, her smile, her everything. a week has only passed.

i had an account with my picture hosting site and i guess it got deactivated and deleted. so some in fact all of the pictures ive posted cannot be view. pics from this blog on should be fine.

last saturday, my brother held a bday party at home. invited 15 or so people. at the beginning all of them clustered around the tv playing ps2. my dad suddenly brought home 2 ps2 sets for the amusment of everyone. its seems now that one of them was a present to my bro from god know who. how lucky huh?

after sessions of winning eleven and burnout2, the kids had some lunch and then it was time to play football. me and a couple of frens played too. it was fun not to mention HOT.

i lost 100 due to portugal losing. not a good opening bet for me in malaysia, especially since the copa america is just around the corner.

this seems to past slowly around here these days. i wouldnt say i have nothing to do. its just probably whether i want to do it or not.

anyway thats it for now